The highly engineered Potenza S001 offers sensational power, precision control and true sports performance in both wet and dry conditions. And with its excellent comfort and efficiency, this tyre gives new meaning to the term "high-performance".


  • Semi Slick-Centre Rib
    • Slick-style centre rib improves the handling response of the steering center.
  • GUTT II Simulation Straight Grooves
    • With GUTT II Simulation the alignment, thickness and configuration of the straight rooves significantly reduce the rick of hydroplaning.
  • NEW : 60° Slanted Sipe
    • Block sipes are positioned at a 60° angle, with the same effect as the nose of an F1 racing car. Block rigidity has been optimised, improving both traction and braking performance.
  • Block and Click Combination
    • Lateral grooves improve traction and braking. This combined with slick area, reduces wear on the inside edge and guards against becoming unbalanced with the outside edge.
  • NEW : Multi-Performance Block
    • The outside block, which takes most of the load when cornering, has been enlarged and reinforced to improve both wet and dry handling.

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